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How it works

We connect drivers who have empty seats with passengers heading the same direction.

For Travellers

Get a ride with someone in their car, it’s affordable and convenient

For Car Owners

Make money by filling your empty seats when you’re driving from A to B

Better Features

The CoRyds Difference

Fast Pickups

More cars on the road at any time to and from all major cities.

Real-Time Vehicle

Just open the app and see rides around you. Then watch as your driver comes to you.

Safety First

CoRyds drivers go through extensive training and are locally licensed for your safety.

Easy Payments

Fast and secure payment with a tap of a button. Add multiple cards for personal or business use.

Our vision of a better world is shared microtransit on a macro scale.

CoRyds operates in major cities of the Pakistan — and we’re also in some pretty small places, too. Because we know that true change happens one community at a time. We are helping drivers to share their fuel costs and providing an oppurtunity to the travellers to enjoy, luxurious and economical rides with safety, privacy and reliability.


What our clients say about CoRyds!

  • Initially, I was a passenger, and then later a driver with CoRyds. It's a great way to meet people, share the costs, and have good conversations.


  • Fantastic user experience! These apps fill a huge need in today's economy and will help the world fight against global warming.


  • Best platform and app for Carpooling, very well built, and improving all the time, Recommended 100%!

    Kaleem Ullah

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