Frequently Asked Questions

Coryds is focused on helping you fill empty seats in your vehicle on mid to long-distance trips to increase vehicle occupancy and share costs with passengers.
Editing trip details Details you can't edit: Origin Destination Vias Details you can edit before a Booking Request has been made or approved: Departure date & time Seats available Vehicle preferences Price Description Details you can edit after a Booking Request has been placed or approved: Seats available Vehicle preferences Description Closing a trip If you do not wish to receive any more Booking Requests or public messages, you can close your trip instead of cancelling it. You will still be able to message people on existing bookings. You can re-open your trip at any time to receive more Booking Requests.Cancelling a trip If you need to cancel your trip, you will lose all messages and pending or approved bookings. If you cancel your trip within 24 hours of the scheduled departure time, you will be subjected to a late cancellation flag on your account.
Once your trip is posted, there are few things you need to know on how to get bookings. Request to book If you have chosen the Request to book option, you will have to manually approve or decline every booking request from passengers.Instant book If you have chosen the Instant book option, the bookings made by passengers on your trip will be instantly and automatically approved.
Best practices Before picking up passengers, we recommend: Adding your vehicle details added to your trip, with a clear photo and you licence plate.Ensuring your vehicle is clean and that you have enough space for everyone Sending the passengers a map of your exact pick-up location Leaving plenty of time to arrive 5 minutes early to the pickup point I'm running late If you’re running late to the pickup location, please let the passengers know by sending them a message through our app or by text messaging. Please refrain from using your phone while driving (or use a hands free device). I can’t find a passenger at the pickup location Before leaving the pickup location, please try to reach out to your missing passengers by: sending them a message through our platform sending them a text message giving them a call If you cannot reach them after 10 minutes, use your discretion to start the trip.
As a driver, you can add up to 5 vehicles to your account and assign a vehicle for each trip. Vehicles are shown to passengers when they book a trip, which helps build trust and get more bookings on your trips.Vehicle details When you add a vehicle, you can specify the following details: Photo: we recommend taking a real picture of your vehicle rather than sourcing one online Make, model, type, color and year: make sure you enter accurate information Licence plate: it is only shared with passengers who have approved bookings on your trips Vehicle preferences You can also specify your vehicle preferences to tell passengers how much space you have to accommodate them: Luggage: small, medium, large, or no luggage Winter tires: compulsory on some routes (check before you travel) Bikes: do you have a bike rack or a truck that can acccommodate bikes? Pets: do you allow people to bring their pets? Sometimes Pop members will book an extra seat for their pet. Adding and editing a vehicle You can add a vehicle under Account settings > Vehicles or when you Post a trip. Please note that if you are using our mobile app, you can only add a vehicle when posting a trip. Default vehicle If you have more than one vehicle, you can set a default vehicle for your account. This vehicle will be displayed by default on your profile and when you create a trip.
When you receive a booking on Coryds and successfully drive someone, we collect a payment from the passenger and send you the money. There are no costs to receive a payout: the amount you requested is the amount you'll get.
Once you have approved bookings, it’s time to prepare yourself for the trip. Before you drive Make sure you have all the passengers' details handy on your phone before you leave: their names, phone numbers, pickup locations and times. You can get those details easily by downloading the coryds mobile app.While you’re driving After you’ve picked everybody up, make sure your passengers are comfortable. Stay within the speed limit, refrain from using your phone and feel free to ask passengers about your driving. Your role is to make the passengers’ experience as comfortable as possible; this will be reflected in the review they give you. After the dropoff We'll send you a notification to leave a review on your passengers. You’ll be able to inform the Pop community of your experience with them. Reviews will really help passengers get accepted on future trips - especially new ones!
When posting your trip, check road conditions and keep an eye out for weather warnings. We recommend indicating in your trip description that your trip might get cancelled due to extreme weather. When driving in snow conditions, indicate whether your car is equipped with snow tires to help passengers plan ahead. Check for changing weather conditions, and communicate promptly with your passengers any changes in your travel plans. If you have to cancel your trip within 24 hours of departure due to changing road conditions, please let your passengers know.
Passengers need to feel safe and comfortable when they’re travelling with you. Make sure your vehicle is in good condition and you drive safely. Your passengers will be happy and you’ll receive good reviews. Be on time Ridesharing is much more enjoyable when everyone is on time. We recommend arriving to the pick-up point 5 minutes early to give plenty of time for finding your passengers. If you’re going to pick up a few passengers along the way, please factor in time to pick up people at various locations. Sometimes passengers might arrive a bit late because of delays in public transit or traffic. We recommend a 10 minutes grace period for people to turn up. Make sure to give them a call before you decide to leave without them. Do not use your phone while driving If you’re late, make sure to inform passengers by texting or calling but please refrain from using your phone while driving (or use a hands free device). Stick to the speed limit Please drive safely and respect the speed limit. Speeding only saves you a few minutes and increases the risks of accidents. Be smart, be safe. If you are reported for excessive speeding by a passenger, we will have to ban you from using our service. Safety is our priority. Do not use alcohol & drugs We have a zero tolerance policy for alcohol and drug consumption. If you are reported for alcohol or drug consumption, we’ll have to ban you from the service.
Wherever carpooling is legal - which is most provinces of Pakistan- you can use Coryds in combination with a rental vehicle.In fact, it's a great combination and we see it quite often on the platform when people don't have their own vehicle and want to reduce their rental costs. When legally carpooling, your regular insurance applies and you are not tax-liable for the money collected through Coryds.Since you'll have quite a few people in your car, we do recommend generous third-party insurance - but this is our advice regardless of whether you're driving your own car or a rental!
Coryds drivers post trips in thousands of locations in Pakistan. Navigate to Find, and simply enter your origin, destination and departure date into the search bar to find your perfect trip.Find a trip You can search for trips on the Poparide website by: Entering an origin or destination (departure date is optional) Clicking on a blue dot in the map Clicking on a recent search (once you are signed in)Tools to help you search We display photos and a personal description of drivers, plus the reviews left by passengers. Each posted trip includes the pickup and dropoff points as well as the number of seats available and the price per seat. We also let drivers tell you how much space they have in their vehicle to accommodate your personal belongings. How to contact drivers to book seats Once you complete your registration, you’ll be able to contact drivers by either clicking the request to book button or sending a public message to drivers, who will be notified of your Booking Request and respond directly through Coryds.
Booking a trip on Poparide is really easy. Simply navigate to a trip through the Coryds website or mobile app, and look out for the orange button that either says “Request to book” or “Instant book”.Request to book When a driver has indicated they would like you to Request to book, they want to manually approve your booking, to make sure you’re a good fit for the trip. More info To Request to book: Click on the Request to book button on the trip. Select how many seats you are booking and include a message to the driver Select the expiry time for your booking Enter your payment details or select an existing payment method Click the Request to book button Once you Request to book, the driver is notified and must approve or decline your Booking Request within the expiry time you've specified. Most drivers will respond promptly as it affects their response rate. If the driver approves your Booking Request, we send you a notification that summarizes your trip's details and provides you with the driver’s phone number If the driver declines your Booking Request or it expires (because the driver didn't respond in time), a refund is placed on your card and you can book a trip with someone else. Instant book When a driver has indicated they would like you to Instant book, you will be instantly and automatically booked on the trip. More info Instant book trips are clearly indicated using a lightning icon next to the trip details. Before you Instant book on a trip, make sure to check the trip details as Instant bookings are final and subject to our cancellation policy. To Instant book: Click on the Instant book button on the trip. Select how many seats you are booking and include a message to the driver Enter your payment details or select an existing payment method Click the Instant book button You are automatically approved on the trip, and the driver’s phone number is immediately available to you. Public Messages If you need to discuss trip details before booking, you can send the driver a public message. Make sure you check the trip's details (pick-up, drop-off, time of departure, etc) before contacting the driver. Since public messages are visible to other Coryds members, please keep them short and relevant. Once you have all the information, please proceed to book with the driver. Re-booking You can re-book on a trip if a mistake was made. For example, you might have booked on the wrong trip or entered the wrong number of seats.
A smooth pickup is key to a good experience on Poparide. We provide details of the pickup location on our app and the driver's details in case you need to contact them during pickup. Show up 5 minutes early We recommend being 5 minutes early at the pickup point, drivers appreciate it. If you're running 5 minutes late, you'll actually be on time! You're running late If you're running late, let the driver know by sending them a message through our app or by text message. Drivers are advised to wait a maximum of 15 minutes at the pickup point for passengers, but this is at their discretion. You can't find a driver during pickup If you're at the pickup location but can't find the driver, we recommend giving them a call or sending them a text message, as they might not always have data turned on. You can find their phone number on our confirmation text message we sent you when your Booking Request was approved, through our app or on our mobile website. No show In the event of a no-show, please mark the driver as a no-show during our review process.
Once you know when you’re travelling and who you’re travelling with, all you have to do is turn up, sit back and enjoy the drive! Before you get picked up Check the pickup location by viewing your trip on our website or mobile app. Feel free to send a message to your driver to confirm the pickup point. You can do this using our Pop messaging or with text messaging on your phone. Pickup We encourage you to turn up to the pickup location five minutes early. Drivers appreciate when you are on time and it will help you get good reviews and build your reputation. More info on pickup During the trip Once you get in the vehicle, make sure to introduce yourself to the driver and other passengers. Pop is as much about saving money as it is about meeting people! Feel free to ask the driver to change the temperature, reduce the volume of the music, or make a pit stop. If you feel unsafe (speeding, wreckless or impaired driving), tell the driver to stop at the next safest spot and contact us immediately. We'll arrange another ride or means of transport. If you feel your personal safety has been compromised, please call 911. Dropoff Don't forget to thank the driver for the ride when they drop you off! You'll be able to leave a review for your driver and rate their timeliness after the trip. Your driver will also have a chance to leave a review on their experience with you. This helps build a community based on reliability and accountability. Please note the review system is only available on our website, and coming to the apps soon!